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Amputee Clinic

Amputee Clinic

Amputee Clinic Survey:
Amputee Clinic is located in Fort Myers, Florida. If you are an amputee you will want to speak with the staff at Amputee Clinic. Amputee Clinic provides the latest technological advancements in prosthetics, has on-site production, physical therapy, and reasonable prices. If you are a limb amputee please contact Amputee Clinic to take a short survey that can be done at your home! As a leader in the field of amputees and prosthetics, Amputee Clinic is always learning and growing with technology.

If you are Limb Amputee contact Amputee Clinic today to take a short survey. You will be compensated $50.00 for taking the survey. Find out more information on this and get coupons and deals on You can call and speak with Brian at 239-437-4010 to take the survey or schedule a time to take the survey.

Amputee Clinic is located at:

7051 Cypress Terrace # 108, Fort Myers, FL 33907